Showroom Spotlight

Floral Abstract Circle Red on Candy Pink by Artist Michael Kalish at Markowicz Fine Art

California-based artist Michael Kalish was born in 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia. Kalish gained recognition for transforming everyday objects such as license plates and tailgates into meaningful works of art that reference a broad spectrum of American culture, from political issues to cultural icons. In 2014, Kalish began working on a series of wall and standing sculptures. He creates these multi-dimensional wall sculptures with layered laser-cut aluminum or colored acrylic with depths ranging from 5 to 12 inches. Kalish designs these pieces so that the viewer must find the exact vantage point where the sculpture is no longer abstract, and the true image comes into focus. Kalish has been featured in the NY Times, Time Magazine, The LA Times, Art in America, and USA Today. Kalish has had several museum exhibitions, and countless prominent public and private art collections worldwide own his work, including the US Embassy in Moscow, Ford Motor Company Collection, and the Coca-Cola Corporation Collection.

Make sure to stop by to see this and other incredible artworks on display at the gallery!

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