Showroom Spotlight

Fabricut Goes Rogue at Harsey & Harsey

Textile collections are often time capsules—specific styles and motifs methodically married together to express one theme meant to enlighten and inspire. It’s a model we ourselves have embraced time and again. We couldn’t help but wonder, though: What if we conceived collections that didn’t fit into seasonal expectations but rather led with creative acuity in order to shift emotion? Enter Design En Rogue. We believe design should live outside of the confines of expectation and never lose its adventurous spirit. So we’ve schemed up a new way of introducing fresh products to our design community—a practice that renders a more direct-to-designer fashion, featuring intentional materials and an element of surprise every time. Discover the Design en Rogue capsule available at Harsey & Harsey, suite 175.

Click here for more information.

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