Showroom Spotlight

Design En Rogue | Spring 2022 by S. Harris at Harsey & Harsey

Design En Rogue is a brand initiative connecting multidisciplinary creatives in the cultural zeitgeist to the world of interiors through textile design. Paving a new path forward, this collection serves as an exchange of ideas through product collaboration and devising innovative ways to reflect materials in the built environment. Design En Rogue is a new series of ongoing capsule collections curated and brought to life by inspiring creatives tapped for their unique world view. For our first collection, Joanna McClure has crafted a complementary collection made to support these rogue textiles. Known for her ability to abstract her subjects and create thought-provoking tension within her photographs, she brings a keen eye and fresh lens to the line. Breaking the conventional mold in nearly every way, Design En Rogue adopts a new approach to collection culture. One that is more frequent and fearless—keeping the industry on its toes with anticipation for what’s next. Until then, discover what is now. Available at Harsey & Harsey, suite 175
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