Baker to Produce Face Masks and Hospital Gowns For Our North Carolina Healthcare Heroes.

Baker Interiors Group is proud to announce its production of face masks and hospital gowns for North Carolina healthcare heroes. Based in Connelly Springs, Baker is rising to action in the face of the devastating impact of COVID-19, utilizing its manufacturing facilities, design resources, and high-quality fabrics to create breathable, machine washable masks and gowns that will be donated to local hospitals starting this week. Using Baker’s signature fabrics that are solution-dyed acrylic (for stain repellency qualities) or that feature a backing for more protection, the masks will be used as a secondary shield to N95 masks, allowing for the critical re-use of the N95s. Gowns being made by Baker are intended to be worn over healthcare workers’ disposable plastic gowns and scrubs as an added layer of protection.

Baker President Mike Jolly remarked, “At Baker, we have become increasingly concerned about the growing number of Coronavirus cases in our state and the impact it has on our brave community of healthcare workers and emergency personnel. As a furniture company with a local factory and deep roots in the North Carolina community, we feel it is our duty to use our resources to address the urgent need for face masks and hospital gowns. We have mobilized our staff in a safe, clean environment; shifting production to design and produce PPEs to protect and support frontline workers who are in dire need of these essential supplies. It’s the least we can do.”

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