New de Le Cuona at Thomas Lavin

de Le Cuona is rooted in nature. Founder Bernie de Le Cuona grew up in South Africa and the natural world has always been at the heart of what she does. The soul of the company lies in the unique tactility of its textiles coupled with a deep commitment to craftsmanship. Including the new collection – Terra Firma, cloth of the earth. Untamed yet elegant, the collection strikes the perfect balance between form and function. A tale of nature’s innate power and beauty. Four new designs are woven in natural yarns refined and skilfully crafted to create textiles, made to last, with a strong earthy aesthetic. From raw yet delicate sheers and soft subtly slubby linens to robust, dense upholstery cloths and tightly woven Merino wool velvets, these are cloths that emphasise the beauty of raw fibres. Natural irregularities add character and texture to the finished fabrics that have real honesty and integrity. Nurturing neutral shades sit alongside the warmth of mud brown and hot shots of terra rossa.

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