New Artist Alert! Larisa Safaryan at Markowicz Fine Art

Larisa Safaryan has chosen to work with a most unconventional and delicate medium: an eggshell. She is without question an innovator in what she does. The strength and fragility of humanity is revealed in Larisa Safaryan‘s works. The smooth shape of an egg is the artist’s “canvas” upon which ideas about life, renewal and rebirth are formed. Her work is unlike anything that exists at this time.

Larisa Safaryan‘s pieces are delicate but intense, elaborate yet simple, harmonious and elegant. The spirit of innovation and excitement is at the heart of all that Larisa Safaryan creates. The love, passion and thought that goes into each of her pieces is truly inspirational. Most of her works show incredible use of colors. They also demand meticulous attention to detail, strict concentration, and surgical precision. The response from viewers upon seeing her works often ranges from disbelief, to curiosity, to amazement and elation.

Be sure to stop by Markowicz Fine Art in Suite 110 to see more mixed media paintings by Larisa Safaryan, as well as many other new arrivals!

Click here for more information.

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