New Arrivals by Aspen Artist Hunt Rettig at Markowicz Fine Art

Hunt Rettig is known for his internally reflective 3D assemblages that produce the illusion of being backlit digital illustrations, however, they are much more complex and captivating. Rettig’s process-based discipline is a continual quest to transform quotidian material into the sublime. In Rettig’s hands, moldable synthetics and reflective acrylics become encapsulated sculptures implying kinetic movement if not actuating it. He has been drawn to the “Op Art” and kinetic art movement since adolescence.

“If I come to a fork in the road, my inclination is to continue going straight.”

An explorer of both geographic and psychological terrain, Rettig is most at home on a dirt path or body of water observing “familiar patterns that connect us as one, like source code.” Biomorphic shapes seen in Rettig’s work suggest sensual elements omnipresent in nature. How connected are we? “If it didn’t exist, if it didn’t resonate, we wouldn’t be here.”

Make sure to stop by to see the newest magical arrivals by Hunt Rettig at the gallery!

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