Markowicz Fine Art Welcome’s New Artist Lisa Bartleson

Lisa Bartleson, a California-based artist, traverses diverse artistic realms, seamlessly navigating painting, installation, sculpture, and ceramics. Her artistic signature lies in her profound exploration of materiality within the luminous sphere of the light and space movement. Bartleson’s creations are a symphony of repetitive, meditative marks interlaced with strips of vibrant colors, each meticulously capturing nuanced transitions between hues.

Centered on the interplay of light, color, and luminescence, Bartleson’s process sparks a state of meditative immersion, blending intensity with serenity, movement with stillness, all converging towards a horizon within each composition.

Her artistic philosophy hinges on a delicate equilibrium—balancing scientific scrutiny with emotional depth, intertwining concepts of interior and exterior, loss and fulfillment, memory and experience. Bartleson’s canvas foundations, sculpted and layered, create dynamic topographies that pulsate with vitality and motion.

Be sure to stop by Markowicz Fine Art to see Lisa Bartleson’s stunning artworks in person!

Click here for more information.

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