Provasi Collection is a Design, Development and Manufacturing firm producing residential and commercial environments with special focus on furniture, bosiere and wood paneling manufacturing, design and production of textiles and soft goods at the high end level. We have a broad base of experience serving national and international homeowners, designers and architects.

We make it real. From concept through installation, we develop your projects with key objectives in mind: design, image, quality, budget, time frame and functionality. We work at several levels depending on the client’s requirements. Our involvement may be in all stages from design and development through manufacturing and installation. There is never a substitute for quality and certainly there are no alternatives for elegance and uniqueness. Once these important elements of an interior are met the broader style of a residence must be selected in such a way so that trends and fashions will not affect it over time.

The classic styles of Europe are as fashionable today as they were 200 years ago. The furniture made in those days is considered valuable antiques of today. In an ever-changing world where the best is always to come, the classical period of Europe remains the best place to look not just to decorate one’s home but to invest in valuables and see them grow into antiques which bear in many ways the history of a family.

Please contact Provasi Collection for more information:

Provasi Collection

23811 Aliso Creek Road
Suite 143
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phone: 800-PROVASI (800-776-8274)

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