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Choose a Store With a Reputation for High Quality and Excellent Service When Shopping for Handmade Rugs and Tapestries.

Designing and creating a fine handmade rug can take an artisan months or even years. Investing time in research before purchasing a rug will help guarantee that what you buy is top quality.

Things to consider include the fineness of the wool, the type of dye used, the rug’s density and its overall condition, says Ray Sartipi, manager of Aga John Oriental Rugs at the Laguna Design Center. The store sells thousands of new and antique handknotted rugs and tapestries each year, sourced directly from top producers throughout the world’s major weaving centers. It also offers a 30-minute rug education class to help buyers understand how to determine quality based on the aforementioned factors.Also think about how the color combination and design fit your home or office,” Ray advises. “Know your color palette and be sure to measure your space before shopping. Perhaps most importantly, ensure the high quality of the rug or tapestry by shopping at a reputable local dealer.

“When shopping around, check each company’s background and reputation, including how long they have been in business, what kind of warranties they offer and what kind of support they provide following a sale,” he continues.

Aga John Oriental Rugs, with five locations in California and Arizona, has been in business for nearly 40 years. The Laguna Design Center location has been open for 17 years.

“We have established very strong relationships with our clients and many of them have worked with us for all 17 years,” Ray says. “Ninety percent of our clients are repeat customers.”

Once you have purchased a rug, it is important to protect your investment, Ray notes. Vacuuming the rug weekly will help prevent dust buildup. Rotating it yearly will cause it to wear more evenly.
Professional cleaning, which is offered by Aga John, is important when rugs show signs of soil.

“Our main business is selling, buying, trading, renting repairing, cleaning and insurance appraisals,” Ray says. “We do it all in house. Whatever clients need, we support them 100 percent.”
23811 Aliso Creek Rd., Suite 121, Laguna Niguel; 949-643-2451;

Courtesy of The Laguna Beach Magazine

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