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Pirnar DoorsPirnar DoorsPirnar DoorsPirnar DoorsPirnar DoorsPirnar Doors

Pirnar Doors

You must try for perfection to attain excellence.

Pirnar doors are a handmade masterpiece, perfectly shaped and flawlessly crafted in every detail. This family business is the result of bold planning, inspiring design and imaginative realization. The love of perfection is shown in the selection of high-quality materials, the precision of the production, the flawlessness of the surfaces and the elegance of the lines. Every detail has its own place, and its own special meaning. The skill of craftsmanship makes possible what no machine can.

Offering aluminum, glass and wood options with fingerprint scanners and LED lighting; these doors are evidence of accomplishment.

Showroom Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 5:00

Saturday – Sunday: by appointment only

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