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Tamra MundiaTamra MundiaTamra MundiaTamra MundiaTamra MundiaTamra Mundia

Design Philosophy:
We specialize in interpreting our client’s identity into the physical space. Our interiors are not trendy or stylistic but unique to each project. Our designs have a timeless quality. “We design by imagining the experience of moving through a space, seeing how our client will live in the environment, exploring what the response will be”.
Professional Affiliations:
Team Women Board Member (2001 to present) Served as ambassador and chair person for business expo Currently Vice president 

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)  2011/2012 executive board member – financial 2011 To Dine For VIP chairperson 2010 To Dine For Chairperson 2006 ASID Ways and Means Chairman

Design House participation:

  • Philharmonic House of Design, Shady Canyon 2003
  • Philharmonic House of Design, Newport Coast 2008
  • ASID House of Design, Astoria Towers, Irvine 2009

About Concept Design, Inc.:
Concept Design, Inc. specializes in both residential and commercial projects.  We are a full service design firm with a concentration on creating a unique interior environment tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs. Our mission is to be an asset to our clients by providing them with a large array of resources at our finger tips from many years in the design and furniture industry. Concept Design, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Tamra Mundia.  Tamra graduated from Interior Designers Institute with a degree in Interior Design after attending California State University, Long Beach.  She worked for two successful design firms and taught art to children before opening her own design firm 11 years ago.  Tamra’s business has grown into a successful design firm in San Clemente, California. Her current projects include both residential and commercial clientele throughout Southern California and the United States. “I enjoy interpreting my client’s identity and incorporating that into a tastefully designed unique space to call their own.”